Revisiting Princess Diana’s Iconic Style From the Fairchild Archives

Princess Diana’s style icon status has persisted long after her untimely death more than 20 years ago and has only continued to increase thanks in large part to the royal’s frequent portrayal in television and film.

There was a resurgence of interest in the princess this year when Netflix’s “The Crown” released its highly anticipated fourth season, which introduced Princess Diana, played by actress Emma Corrin. The season paid homage to many of Diana’s memorable fashion looks, including her famed David and Elizabeth Emmanuel-designed wedding dress from her royal wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.

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Princess Diana’s style has long been revered for its sophistication, elegance and unique spin on royal dress codes. The princess was a friend of the fashion industry as much as she was an admirer, having forged relationships with the likes of Gianni Versace, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington

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An Appreciation of Princess Diana’s Over-the-Top ’80s Maternity Style

The Princess of Wales, wearing a blue and white polka dot dress with a ruffled collar designed by Catherine Walker in April 1982.Photo: Getty Images

In the early 1980s, two independent happenstances coincided. First, fashion became bold, big, and saturated with bright colors. And second, Princess Diana of Wales became pregnant, first with Prince William, and then, a few years later, with Prince Harry. The result? For 18 months, the most photographed woman in the world rocked some seriously unabashed maternity looks that live on in the historical archives for all perpetuity.

There were multiple and various shades of neon. Hefty doses of ruffles. A plethora of pussy bows—actually, every type of bow. Some serious, serious, shoulder pads. Name an ’80s telltale fashion trait, Diana wore it. Thanks to season four of The Crown, her maternity style, in all of its over-the-top glory, is now back in the

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