Recommended types of shoes to wear in Norway!

What to Wear and What to Pack for Norway in Winter

Summer in Norway is known to be unpredictable. It can be hot and sunny in the morning and suddenly rain in the evening. You can’t trust weather forecasts to prepare you for your visit to Norway. While the average temperatures are around 13-18 degree celsius, most days are wet and cold. When packing for a visit to Norway in the summer, you should remember to pack for all weather conditions. Because a trip to Norway means that you will be walking around a lot, exploring the vast wilderness and scenic mountains, the type of shoes you wear will impact your adventures. Deciding which sort of shoes to wear depends mainly on the activities you plan on doing. So, read on to learn about the shoes to pack for a summer in Norway. 

  • Hiking boots 

You really need these boots if you are eager to hike and backpack in the Norwegian mountains. Hiking can be tiring and uneasy if you are not wearing the right shoes. Therefore, make sure to pack them along before you forget. When looking for them in stores, it is better to buy waterproof ones as you can wander around without having to worry about the climate suddenly getting wet, which is common in Norway. These shoes will keep you comfortable and confident while trekking the rugged landscape. You will not need rain boots, as waterproof hiking ones will suffice. But before you go on a stroll to find the best hiking boots, make sure to check out ReviewsBird, a reviewing platform that could help you find the best stores to shop from.

  • Sneakers 

Keeping your regular sneakers is a good idea. Taking a walk through the Norwegian forests or streets on dry days does not require any specific shoes; instead, these light-walking ones will prove convenient for you. These will come in handy when you are not hiking around. Sneakers are the best choice for casual days when you want to roam comfortably. Wear these shoes in Norway and enjoy running around.

  • Joggers 

The classic shoes to wear for any visit outside your hotel are joggers. You will not regret packing them along. They can be worn for a simple walk or even to a brief hike around the hills. Joggers are the most comfortable footwear that will come in use whether you go sightseeing around the city or hiking trails.

  • Sandals 

You can pack these in case you get a chance to go swimming. The lake water is warm enough for some people to dip in, but it is still too cold for others, and they prefer to remain dry in the ever-changing weather. 


While planning a visit to a region you have yet to visit, you might get countless suggestions about what to pack. The key to selecting the types of footwear is to prioritize your comfort and keep the ones you would wear regularly. There will be up to one activity for which you will require special shoes. So don’t fret about buying different shoes for your trip to Norway in the summer, and follow these guidelines to optimize your experience of witnessing the unparalleled beauty of the Norwegian region. 

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