Mary-Kate Olsen Has the Best Outfits for These Uneasy Times

This year’s tedious “Is New York dead?” debate has a strong contender in Team No—Mary-Kate Olsen, fresh off her split from Olivier Sarkozy and a summer spent in the Hamptons, is back to her stomping grounds of Manhattan. Predictably, cameras have followed.

According to an unnamed source quoted in Entertainment Weekly, “there is no shortage of things in [Mary-Kate’s] life that bring her joy” these days. A confusing statement given, you know, everything. Still, I wish The Row designer buckets full of happiness, not unlike the bowls of cigarettes that were reportedly available to guests at her 2015 wedding.

Ecstatic as Mary-Kate may be—beanie season can do that to some people—her wardrobe is a perfect visual representation for the end of the world. Living on the brink of dystopia is so in for fall, and Mary Kate has been dressing accordingly.