Livia Firth says waist belt worn by Carrie Bradshaw promoted unrealistic body image



Livia Firth has criticised certain styles worn by Sex and The City’s (SATC) main character Carrie Bradshaw for making “women feel bad about their bodies”.

The former wife of actor Colin Firth, who is a sustainable fashion campaigner, took to Instagram to share her thoughts about a style worn by Carrie, (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) and emulated by Louis Vuitton.

The look showed Carrie and the Louis Vuitton model’s toned bare midriffs, each with a belt wrapped tightly around to accentuate their waists.

Louis Vuitton showcased the tummy-revealing style, complete with a structured glittering crop top and matching tiered mini skirt, in its 2022 Cruise Collection during the fashion house’s runway show in San Diego in May.

Meanwhile, Carrie’s look in the first season of SATC saw her donning a pink collared shirt tied into a crop top, with a printed green belt and green midi skirt.

Popular fashion Instagram accounts such as Diet Prada and Every Outfit on Sex and The City picked up on the label’s nod to Carrie, posting photos comparing the two styles.

Livia reposted a comparison photo on Tuesday (2 August) on her own Instagram account, but was unimpressed by the body image promoted.

“Every time I see images like this (and I see a lot of them), I wonder: a) Why do we create clothes that only women who don’t eat can wear?” she wrote in the caption.

“B) Why do we want to make women feel bad about their bodies if their tummies are not like these (and the majority of women don’t have a tummy like this)?

“C) Why do we demonise eating? So many girls and women I know suffer from food disorders because of this,” she continued.

“I wonder what will it take to turn the tide on fashion as a vehicle of so much [sic] mental health issues and destruction and instead use it for wellbeing and construction?”

Livia, who founded sustainable business agency Eco-Age, has been outspoken about the impact of fashion on society as well as on the environment.

On Monday (25 July), she retweeted a climate activist’s tweet slamming culture secretary Nadine Dorries for praising Liz Truss’ £4.50 earrings from Claire Accessories while campaigning for the Tory leadership.

Dorries had compared Truss to her opponent, Rishi Sunak, who wore £450 Prada shoes and a £3,500 bespoke suit to Teeside while on his campaign trail.

Livia retweeted Lucy Siegle, who quote-tweeted Dorries’ comment and added: “Here we go – fashionomics to try and cast someone as a friend of the people.

“Pretty easy to add cheap earrings (let’s ignore supply chain of £5 earrings). How much did that weird dress with the cod piece/chain thing cost? And b) it’s price per wears.”