How to get rid of summer acne & whiteheads

Forehead acne and pimples: Causes, treatment, and prevention

Summer is one of those dreary and tiring seasons when the acne and whiteheads start getting back to you and cause unnecessary skin troubles. At times, it gets so disgusting that your main motto seems to be asking anyone and everyone about how to remove whiteheads and summer acne in no time! However, instead of asking, you should spend time knowing the cause of this acne.

Except for the weather conditions, there can be a number of other reasons which might be causing the acne and increasing the number of whiteheads on your face. From hormonal issues to the time of the menstrual cycle, a number of factors lead to the formation of these swellings on your skin in the form of pimples and summer acne.

Get Rid of Summer Acne

If you are wondering about, how to remove whiteheads, read further to introduce certain minor changes to your daily skincare routine:

Wash your face with plain water and exfoliate your skin

During the summer days, the excessively hot weather and sweating too much often make us wash our faces again and again. But if you are in the habit of using your facewash multiple times a day to cleanse your skin, stop it immediately as it becomes extremely harsh for your skin.

On the other hand, scrubbing your face repeatedly can also welcome back the acne and whiteheads once again. So, incorporate the exfoliation at least twice a week and make a habit of washing your face with plain water every now and then, instead of using soap with it.

Try Peel-off Mask

If you have heard about a peel-off mask, then you should also know how to remove whiteheads using it. It is specially used to remove whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin and other impurities from your skin. Make it a habit to use a peel-off mask once in a fortnight.

Try out some home remedies

Without trying out all the products which are recommended on the internet when you look for how to get rid of whiteheads, add some of the home remedies to your routine. From cleaning your face with some rosewater to opting for lemon juice, neem extracts, to tea tree oil, there are a number of natural things which can help you to get rid of or at least reduce the whiteheads and summer acne for a while.

  • Aloe vera juice- The natural calming properties of aloe vera reduces the inflammation of acne highly. So just extract the gel out of an aloe vera leaf and apply it to your skin with a clean piece of cotton.
  • Cucumber- As a source of natural astringent, cucumber has proven to be highly effective in tightening skin pores. That is why it is highly recommended to use it on acne for preventing its outbreaks.
  • Neem extracts- The antibacterial property of neem kills the bacteria causing acne effectively. Prepare a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the affected parts of the skin and get the results in no time!

Do not consume too much junk food

Staying hydrated and drinking an abundance of water will help you to fight the scorching heat effectively. Besides that, unhealthy snacks and friend food items often accompany the carbonated drinks. You can switch all of those summertime cravings by keeping the fresh fruits and juices in the freezer for a while and then have it as long as it stays cold.

Just because you have oily skin, does not mean you can’t be amazing and beautiful on a hot summer day. Probably you have got your answer for how to remove whiteheads by now. So bring in certain changes in your food habits, improve the skincare routine and enjoy clean and glowing skin even on humid days!