At Florida State University, a school with over 40,000 students, finding a way to stand out can be a challenge. Especially in college, students are looking to find their unique identity that makes them who they are. Clothing is an essential way that students are able to express themselves. Fashion gets its status from more than just sparkles and patterns. Within fashion is style, which is where people find their true identity. What shapes one’s closet comes to form a reflection of the character who wears it. 

Sewed and studded, @remygirlreworks is a homemade brand created by Paige Sechrist. Named after her cat, her brand is a sustainable and ethically curated collection of reworked scraps. She has a handmade collection filled with pieces that are one of a kind. While curating her brand and studying at FSU, she is promoting environment sustainability by recycling old scraps.