Expert Tips on How to Wear Statement Necklaces like a Fashionista

A statement necklace tends to draw attention, such that it is the piece of your outfit that everyone will notice instantly. It is often big, bold, and beautiful, which is why it commands such attention.

However, not everyone can pull off wearing a statement necklace to enhance their outfit. If you want to wear a statement necklace like a true fashionista, then make sure to follow the tips below.

Jewellery Pairings

 One of the best ways to make a statement necklace work for your outfit is by concentrating on it. After all, statement necklaces are designed to command attention anyway, which is why it is just fitting if you make it the star. 

This means that you need to make your other jewellery pieces a bit more understated to ensure that you don’t overload your outfit or make it look too busy. In this case, you should go for simple earring studs or thin rings to focus on the necklace that you are wearing.


  • Plain Tops 

A statement necklace is primarily designed to bring interest to a basic and plain top. Plain tops are considered a great investment in your closet because of their versatility. This is because you can pair plain tops with almost anything such as a patterned skirt or even bright shoes. 

Of course, a statement necklace also works well with these plain tops because the latter serves as a perfect canvas that can make the necklace stand out.

  • Patterned Tops

However, you should not limit yourself to wearing plain tops with a statement necklace. The reason behind this is that even patterns and stripes can work well with these bold and beautiful necklaces. 

In this case, floral, animal, as well as geometric prints also work well with statement jewellery, including necklaces. The key is in finding balance such that if your patterned top is made from neutral colours, then a bold-coloured necklace will make you look chic. 

  • Striped Tops

On the other hand, you can also pair a statement necklace with a striped top. Most striped tops come in only two colours which make them a great backdrop for a bold and chunky necklace. Just keep in mind to wear understated bottoms and shoes to create the right balance in your overall outfit.


When it comes to wearing a statement necklace with a dress for a fun night out, it is best if you can pair it with your little black dress, particularly if it is something chunky with vibrant colours. In case you have a statement necklace that is made from diamonds or pearls, then keep in mind that it is best paired with a floor-length formal dress. Rest assured that with these pairings, your dress will surely get a wow factor.


To ensure that your statement necklace doesn’t clash with any other aspect of your outfit, make sure that you match it properly. For instance, if you are wearing a coloured top, then your statement necklace must be on the same colour palette. Conversely, if you are wearing a neutral-coloured top, then go for a bold-coloured statement necklace that will make your outfit pop.

The Bottomline

A statement necklace can either make or break your outfit, which is why if you intend to make it work to your advantage, then you should follow the pro tips listed above. Make it the star of your outfit and don’t be afraid to combine it with the right patterns. 

You can even pair it with stripes if you want to or use it to brighten a black or dark outfit. All these are geared towards ensuring that your statement necklace will enhance your overall look for the better.