Emeraude Toubia Launches New Fashion Brand ‘Love, Em by Emeraude’

Once you come into your own as a celebrity — especially if you’re one known for your sense of style — the natural progression of fame in the 21st century is often to build a fashion brand. Sometimes the transition from actor into a budding multihyphenate fashion designer is seamless as both realms have been able to progress in tandem.

In partnership with fashion incubator CA LA, actress Emeraude Toubia is set on Friday to launch her own fashion brand, called “Love, Em by Emeraude,” with a small offering of four pieces that range from cropped blouses and a skirt option to pair them with.

The essence of the collection is confidence, femininity and comfort — a celebration of the female form.

Toubia, known for her work in the award-winning TV show “Shadowhunters,” will be the lead female in Amazon’s “With Love,” a one-hour romantic comedy series from Gloria Calderon Kellett this fall. Toubia’s first release is centered on nature and florals with a hint of a bohemian feel.

“I want women to feel free, at ease, confident, to smile, which is a woman’s best accessory. We have so many constrictions in fashion that demand all our figures to conform. My vision for these designs is to provide a feeling that each woman is at her best, by her choice,” said Toubia.

Her collection release will be offered in sizes from S to XL with an accompanying visual campaign that celebrates women of all backgrounds and sizes — “We celebrate every woman in every way. Love, Em’s values are self respect. Self expression. Self love. Appreciating our bodies in every way,” said Toubia.

With prices ranging from $69 to 149, the Love, Em by Emeraude release will be available for purchase on Loveem.shop/password, with a subsequent drop for fall, which will coincide with the premiere of Toubia’s new show, “With Love,” on Amazon Prime Video.