Ciara mastered ‘discipline’ early on working in fashion

Ciara says working in fashion is all about 'discipline'

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Ciara says working in fashion is all about ‘discipline’

Ciara learned the art of “discipline” when she launched her fashion ventures.

The ‘1,2 Step’ hitmaker runs The House of LR&C with husband Russell Wilson and launched the new apparel line Dare To Roam in August.

And while with her music she was able to push back work, that’s not possible in the fast-paced fashion business.

And so, very early, she had to adjust to the tight deadlines – because fashion “timelines” wait for no one.

Speaking to Glossy Pop, the 36-year-old star said: “Obviously, I came from the space of being an artist before I got this great opportunity to be able to build a business in the fashion space.

“And sometimes, because of that creative mind, you have to have discipline and timelines.

“In fashion, timelines don’t wait for you. In music, I can be like, ‘I want to push this album back; let’s do it in a couple of weeks.’

“But it’s like, ‘No, you have Nordstrom prepared for the drop on this day.’

“You’ve got to make [a certain] time for fashion.

“So there’s that discipline that you learn when you get the chance to be involved on the business side.

“Now, I’ve mastered the discipline — I had no choice but to master it pretty early on in the process. But it’s been really fun learning and taking on the challenges that the business side of it all brings you.”

Ciara also spilled that her sources of inspiration for fashion include, her music and the mood it puts her in, life, and people she clocks on the street in New York and Atlanta, who are of “all different ethnic backgrounds”.

She shared: “You go through different seasons.

“Sometimes it’s all about the mood you’re in — for me, when I’m making an album, my music inspires me and how I want to look.

“It’s like, ‘OK, these songs are making me feel this way. This is the vibe I want to be on, from a fashion perspective.’

“Life inspires me, and sometimes others inspire me — like when I’m walking around in the streets of New York or the streets of Atlanta, where I came from.

“I see people walking around from all different ethnic backgrounds and rocking all different kinds of styles in a super-expressive way. “I get inspired by that. The beauty of fashion is that the inspiration can come from so many different places.

“Sometimes it’s really in the moment: You have a vision for something or an encounter with something that happens in life, and you’re like, ‘I’m really inspired by this moment. I’m going to go back to the drawing board.’ That’s the beauty of fashion.”