See Julianne Hough’s Larger-than-Life Broadway Transformation

Julianne Hough is living out her childhood dreams with her big Broadway debut, and she’s sharing the monumental career milestone—and its notable fashion moments—directly with us.

Hough is currently starring in POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive at the Shubert Theatre, helmed by playwright Selina Fillinger and director-choreographer Susan Stroman. The political satire comedy—whose title speaks for itself—surrounds a male-dominated presidency, but centers specifically on the women who leverage the figure behind the scenes. One of those women is Hough’s character of Dusty, a pregnant farm girl invited to the Oval Office by the president.

In this Day in the Life episode, Hough walks us through the extensive process of becoming the dramatic, fiery-haired force onstage, while delving into the emotions that came along with the Broadway experience. “I’m just so grateful and excited to share it with everyone,” Hough says.

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