The Complete Guide to Modest Fashion, From a Modest Dresser

For years, navigating my lifestyle as a modest dresser was not the same experience I have today. Stores were not filled with the decadence of floor-length dresses and oversize silhouettes. Instead, I often had to take items to be tailored, adding extra fabric or sewing slits together. There’s no doubt that the industry has moved in a more positive direction—designers are releasing collections that I can wear with no tailoring needed, and awareness has been rapidly spreading throughout media platforms everywhere. As someone who’s a modest dresser and has worn the hijab for almost eight years, I have an experienced perspective I can add to the conversation.

Despite the industry’s best efforts, it’s not uncommon for brands to twist how they display the notion of modest dressing to fit their terms or preferences rather than appeal to the women who actually follow the lifestyle. While “modest” pieces can go in

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