Decoding the Chinese Tai-tai Style

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LONDON — Tai-tai is a colloquial term used to describe wealthy housewives in China and in Chinese-speaking regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians” trilogy has lengthy and hilarious descriptions of these consumers’ spending habits and fashion styles.

Most of the time, Chinese netizens are obsessed with teen idols and what they are wearing and show little interest in women beyond a certain age. But recently, because of the reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves,” where 30 female celebrities over 30 years old fight to get into a five-member girl group, and the hit TV drama series “Nothing but Thirty,” Chinese Tai-tai style has been in the spotlight.

Several celebrities in “Sisters Who Make Waves” married into immense wealth. As the crew films their family life, the public gets to witness the kind of luxurious lifestyles many

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