5 Reasons You Should Not Spend Excessively on Your Wedding

It’s no secret that a wedding is one of the most expensive parties most people will ever host. This special day can take a toll on your bank account, so to give you a better idea of why it’s not worth spending excessively on the party, we list out 5 reasons you should not spend excessively on your wedding.

1. Expensive Weddings Often Result in Shorter Marriages

There are several reports and reviews from couples on AmonAvis that suggest marriage duration is inversely associated with spending on the wedding ceremony. Couples who spend less on their wedding are more likely to stay married longer.

Furthermore, the same study shows there was also a connection made between honeymoon and marriage: Going on a honeymoon is “significantly associated with a lower chance of divorce.” Based on the aforementioned stats, spending money on your honeymoon is a wiser investment than money on your … Read More

Is There a Stock Market Need For VISLTechnologies?

Is Vislink Technologies Inc (VISL) a Stock to Watch This Week?

The stock price of Vislink Technologies Inc. USA, a leading makers of VoIP and other IP-based services business, has recently experienced sharp falls in its share price. It is not uncommon for stocks to experience such fall, especially when the market becomes bearish; however, I believe there are several reasons behind the fall and the future prospects of this stock price. By the time you have finished reading this article, I hope that you will understand where the problem lies, how to identify it, and how to exploit it to make an investment in this growing company. This article is divided into two parts: Part One: Stock analysis for nasdaq visl at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-visl; Part Two: Market perception and perceived threats.

The stock price of Vislink Technologies Inc. USA fell on July 3rd, after a report on its financials was released to the market. According to the analysts, who released … Read More

Here’s What Actually Looks Good 20 Years Later

I’m old enough to remember Y2K fashion the first time around. I can still vividly recall the cowl-neck black top I wore with my knee-length stonewash denim skirt and a choker for New Year’s Eve 1999. I loved that outfit at the time, and 14-year-old me was very happy about it, but I know there isn’t much from it I’d wear today. However, thanks to Tik Tok and the fact that the 2000s were 20 years ago, there is a current revival going on of everything related to Y2K fashion. While I’m not keen to re-create much from my wardrobe from that era, there are plenty of other trends that still look good today.

I delved into the archives to dig up some of the best celeb outfits from that time to showcase just what I mean. While it might seem very particular, I’m looking at outfits from around the

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12 Stylish Spring Outfits You Can Wear With Jeans

Refinery 29 UK

Patchwork Will Be Everywhere This Summer – But It’s A Complicated Trend

View this post on Instagram A post shared by D Ô E N (@shopdoen) While it’s still too early to determine which dress will go viral and acquire a precursory ‘the’ this season – becoming The Dress of summer 2021, if you will – in a corner of the internet there’s already a frock putting in the work. Made by Santa Barbara-based, sister-owned label Doên, the Amarillo is a thigh-skimming baby doll with puff sleeves and a body of patchwork. The dress, and its calf-length sibling, the Darby, are bold signifiers of the craft- and cottagecore trends that emerged towards the end of the last decade, picking up momentum in 2020. Brought to you most prominently by TikTok – read: Harry Styles’s J.W. Anderson cardigan challenge – the patchwork trend specifically has manifested in multiple

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